Otoge Hanami is a collaborative project gathering writers and artists who are fans of otoge in order to collectively express their love! This is meant to catalogue the many unique characters in the varying series, and their relationship with the heroines of their respective game!


This is first come, first serve! Please use the link below to fill a reservation for your character of choice -- not everyone can get their first choice, but we'll do our best to update everyone! [AVAILABLE NOW!]



This meant to help everyone keep track of the characters that are taken, and still available! Participants can use this as a way to contact the writer or artist of the character they are doing the opposite for if you wish to coordinate! [AVAILABLE NOW!]


This project is hosted by us, Pita and Mel, two hopefuls in giving the otoge community a space to share together! We'll be doing three groups of consisting of six to seven games, each one opened at a different date.  

We chose flowers for the theme in order to enable a clear prompt per game notion! We hope anyone involved, and the viewers too, enjoy this!

If you plan on signing up, please remember to check the guidelines out, and double-check the availability list as well!

We are eagerly hopeful and thankful for your interest/participation! :D


OPENING OF 2ND GROUP - 7/29/2018


COLLAR X MALICE - 100% completion!

TEMPORARY HIATUS - May 8 ~ July 4th


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